Lenses vary in thickness and for higher prescriptions, high-index materials and specialised lens surfacing can be used to create a thinner, more cosmetically appealing product. Brendan or Stuart can also advise on lens coatings, including anti-reflective coatings which offer glare reduction, and also discuss types of lenses such as the popular transition lenses which change tint according to brightness. This allows one pair of glasses to be used as sunglasses as well as indoors and during night-time.
Separate prescription sunglasses can also be fitted with lenses suitable for wrap-around sunglasses frames.


Choosing a frame is generally considered to be the more enjoyable part of buying glasses. In today’s market there is so much variety that it can be daunting. Following over 50 combined years of experience in helping people choose frames,the lake eyewear team prides itsself on getting this just right.
Lake Eyewear carries the latest in frame designs and materials sourced from all over the world. Our range is constantly evolving with new models arriving as they become available.
The finished product is a combination of choosing the right frame coupled with the right lens design – truly a detailed process aimed at meeting the individuals’ lifestyle and needs.
People of all ages wear glasses to improve their quality of life, but gone are the days when your glasses made you feel embarrassed about the way you look. Today, wearing fashion frames is a statement that reflects your personality. With many new and exciting styles to choose from, your glasses can now be a fashion accessory that compliments your style.


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