At Lake Eyewear our highly professional Optometrists are trained and experienced in working with people of all ages and also underestand the various health issues that arise within these age groups.

1. Kids - Early learning relies heavily on good vision. Learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by poor eyesight, so early detection of poor vision is crucial to enable them to develop to their full potential. Lake Eyewear tailor glasses to fit small faces. Cool new frames are now available and individually customised to fit your child, depending on their needs and level of activity. We will fit and adjust frames to ensure they are comfortable to wear and survive a busy, active lifestyle.

2. Adults - As we age, our vision changes and requires regular checkups to prevent future problems and maintain optimal vision. Consult our optometrist to diagnose and treat any potential issues and speak to the friendly team to find the individual eye care solution to keep you on track.

3. Senior – At this time of our lives, we have more time to enjoy the things that we care about like hobbies, family and friends. Don’t let poor eyesight stop you from getting the most out of your daily activities. Your vision will change as part of the natural aging process, so it is important to have regular check-ups and friendly advice to maintain the best possible quality of life. Eye examination is quick and easy and can have a huge impact on your lifestyle.

Phone or call into Howitt St Wendouree to make an appointment for an eye examination.

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